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Why is Healthfull beneficial for me?

We offer an ability to spread your unique expertise, without being limited to your place of residency, working days or clients, with whom you can meet only in person. By placing your program on Healthfull, you get an opportunity to communicate with an audience from different countries and spread your expertise online. This will give you an ability to gain popularity and significant income without too much effort, as once placed on our website, you can sell your program to many people. You gain an ability to work with your audience anytime, this is a one of the big advantages of using our online programs.

How is our unique platform different from other platforms?

Our platform unites experts from the health and well-being industries with the audience of healthy-lifestyle seekers only. We dedicate ourselves to a healthy lifestyle only, so we focus on truly providing people with high quality products. If you are an expert and have qualifications in this industry, you create a unique program on our platform, and it won’t be lost in the boundless spaces of the Internet. Out of all of our users, 100% of them are interested in health and well-being compared to other platforms, where users have separate pools of interests.

I am already promoting my courses through my website and on other platforms, what will I get from placing my guides on your platform?

This will give you another channel of sales, and an ability to communicate with the audience whose main focus on well-being. In this case, you can attract clients who visit our platform in search of simple programs, and may ultimately choose you.

What is the format of courses on Healthfull? Is it a similar to video presentations?

Video formats are a very comfortable instruments for learning, and we recommend our experts to use them. But it’s not a requirement, you can also choose formats such as e-books and PDF files.

What we cherish the most is a “step by step” approach to acquiring new skills and to be accessible for beginners.

How to design a course?

Course design tutorial

Check Healthfull design tutorial.

How long does creating the program take?

If you have the content ready, it should take you 15 minutes to create a course of 10-15 lectures: video, PDF files, photos and texts. All you need to do is create a description of the course, and upload the materials. The editorial platform is simple and easy to use. To learn more about how to create a course, please refer to following page.

Do I have to pay for using your platform to publish my course?

No. Our platform gives an opportunity to publish courses absolutely free of charges, using your own PDF files, videos, texts, photos and etc.

Before the launch, do you edit my course?

Yes. It takes one day to review the course. We maintain a certain quality of the courses and may suggest some editing changes to the authors.

How do I set my prices for customers on my courses?

For the moment we suggest from 10 to 100 dollars as the price per course. It depends on the content and specifics of the course, (i.e., video guides and receipe books).

You can learn more about the Price Setting in our “Finding the right price guide” below.

How often will I be paid?

Once per month, on the 1st of each month.

If I don’t have a program ready, but I have an interest in creating a program and would like to share my knowledge of a health subject, can you help me with that?

If you don’t have any programs ready, but you would like to share your knowledge regarding any useful health subject, we can assist you in creating your unique guide, which will be based on your material to stay healthy and well.

Do you take any percentage from the sales?

If you have an online program ready we won’t take any fees for placing and selling this program. You will get paid 100% from all downloads of your program, minus commission for the transaction. If you don’t have any programs ready and we assist you in creating your program, we will take a commission, which will be discussed with one of our project managers directly, plus a commission for the transaction.

How do you promote your current courses?

We promote the courses in a few ways:

  1. among the users on our website;
  2. among the users of our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn;
  3. announcing the launch of the course and promoting our platform on different resources.

How can I track the number of people who have bought my course?

Before placing the course, you need register as an expert and create an account. There you can track all course activities: how many people register for the course, how many payments have been made, who has finished the course, etc.

You can also check the amount of people who showed interest in the course on the main page.

May I use outside sources for my course?

If you refer to other experts’ material, always provide a link to the author. As a marketplace, we are not responsible for copyright-related issues.

A guide on finding the right price:

Your Healthfull course can be free or paid. If you're leaning towards paid, the first step is to fill out our Expert application.

  1. We offer price guidance based on marketplace data, in order to help you find the best price for your course. The price guidance may evolve over time based on student purchasing patterns and actions across the site.
  2. You can set your course price between $10 and $100. However we suggest starting your price at about 50$. Anything higher than 50$ would represent a dramatic shift for students and could result in lower sales.
  3. While you can change the price of your course at any time, you can switch from Free to Paid only once. If you switch from free to Paid and back to Free (or vice versa) after the course is published, your promotional announcements for the course will be permanently disabled.