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  What's Wrong With Your Shoulder

What's Wrong With Your Shoulder: Here's how we're going to fix you up
How to Use This Program:

-Pick the lowest level exercise that you struggle with and perform that exercise until your movement becomes adequate.

-YOU WILL NOT BE PROVIDED EXERCISE 2 UNTIL YOU MASTER EXERCISE 1(Don't be surprised that not all 10 exercises have been revealed to you yet)

-Perform the exercises everyday (the morning is ideal) and definitely before you exercise or perform whatever exercise places the most stress on your shoulder.

-1 set of 10 repetitions should be adequate. 3-4 sets per day is recommended.

-This program will probably take you days or weeks to work through. Work up to the exercise you can't perform well, then come back to the video and watch it again and progress.

-If you do not know if either side is equal at any point, have a friend watch for you. If you're still having trouble, contact me.

-If you've been performing the same exercise for one week and haven't progressed, continue doing that exercise but also start doing the next exercise as well.