The structure of our backbone has a spine, delicate vertebral discs, muscles and ligaments supporting the spine and a network of nerves that surround all these. Problems in any of these mentioned parts along with pelvic and abdominal region may cause lower back pain. Upper back pains are usually the consequence of spine infection or problems related to arteries.

Back pain can be commonly experienced during kidney problems or pregnancy. Athletes undergo a lot of physical activity; they might also feel back pain because of the excess of activity.

Back pain can also be caused by spine bone cancer or by infection in a spine. But these causes do not occur that commonly. Another lesser known cause of backbone pain is the inflammation of spine and sacroiliac joints, which is called ankylosing spondylitis.

Back pain can present itself in many ways. The pain can be dull, deep, shooting pain up and down the back or extremities, muscle strain, throbbing pain, numbness of muscles, prickling, pain experienced on moving the back, rashes, etc.

What is Muscle Imbalance?

In our Guide we have already mentioned the most popular causes of the LBP. However, a foundation of the issue is Muscle Imbalance. Usually people associate muscle imbalance with sudden misalignment of the muscles. You usually hear people saying, "I just sneezed hard and I pulled a muscle" or "I picked up a box, and since then I have these excruciating lower back pain". Well actually, that is not how lower back pain occurs.

The imbalance has been building up for months or years; it just needed a final push to become complete imbalanced and cause pain. Overtime, some of your muscles become stronger while other remains the same (or weaker comparatively), this causes an imbalanced support to the bones they are attached to. This, in turn, causes our body to work in an abnormal way and consequently puts a strain on the muscles, tendons, ligaments surrounding the bones. Eventually, the body breaks down.

If you trace back to the origin of lower back pain, it is usually muscle imbalance. So, if you are facing back pain, we suggest you identify the muscles that may be imbalanced to relief yourself.

Although this is an excellent and effective approach for dealing with your pain, you might not find any health professional using it. So, don't worry, we provide you with some easy tests that you can do at home to identify your imbalanced muscle that is causing you this discomfort.

Believe it or not, having a healthy spine is directly proportional to maintaining a good posture. Keeping your back, neck and legs straight, not only gives you a healthy spine but you also look good.

But, sadly, with time and work pressure, we lose our natural straight alignment by poor posturing. Below we have enlisted some examples of bad postures and how it is effecting your spine...

Hunching. We, unconsciously, while standing or sitting stoop our shoulders low, that is called hunching. It ruins your natural S-shaped spine alignment to a C-shape.

Stiff Neck. We bend our necks down while texting, or typing on the computer or writing something. This excessive bending causes a stiff neck, which can also result in headaches. Having an uneven pillow can also result in the stiff neck. This is why alignment is very important.

Lifting while bending. One thing we usually do is pick up stuff without bending our knees. Please, don't do that. That would put a lot of strain on your back rather then your legs.

Carrying things. While we are caring things like groceries, shopping bags or even babies, we tend to carry them in one hand. That is not good for your back. If you have to carry something try to pick it up and hold in front of your body, so the back does not turn itself in a weird position. Also, try not to carry the stuff which is too heavy for you at all.

Inactivity. Your body demands to be used. So, don't be lazy (or don't work too hard) and try to move around after sometime. If you remain still at a place or even if you are lying down in the same position for a long time, your body would get stiff. Don't do that to your body and move it

The important thing is that we only get one body. So we should go everything we can to keep it in a good condition.