Have you ever had the experience that something popped into view? Perhaps it was in your blindspot. You can check your blind spot with a simple exercise.

What is a blindspot?

Our blindspot is caused by the absence of the specialized photosensitive cells, or photoreceptors, in the part of the retina where the optic nerve exits the eye.

Researchers have proposed a number of different explanations as to why we do not notice this blind spot in normal everyday vision. Some suggest that the opposite eye compensates for the missing visual information. One of the most commonly accepted theories is that the brain actually fills in the missing information by using visual cues in the environment.

Find Your Blindspot

You can try this exercise to find your blindspot. And yes, it is normal for everyone to have a blindspot!

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Close your left eye and focus the letter R with the right eye.

Position your right eye over the letter R and away from the screen approximately 3× the distance between the R and the L.

Move your head close to or away from the screen until you notice the letter L disappear.

Repeat by closing your right eye and viewing the letter L.

Diane Prather, OD, MPH

Preventive Eye Care -Doctor of Optometry